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Okay, this is a bit of a new thing for me so you will have to bear with me as I put this travel and holidaying page together.

What I would love it to be, is a place where I can put up ideas for holidays whether in England or abroad (though I favour the UK I warn you!). In the future I would also love some of my readers to contact me with their ideas for the page as well and it can be a bit more of a communal thing 🙂 Hope that sounds good. So, without further ado:

Scotland, Perthshire

Right, I figure, start somewhere slightly closer to home and a bit more classy than Benidorm….

I have always wanted to go to Scotland because of the unruly and frequently ferocious beauty of the landscape. I have always been drawn to those sort of Bronte landscapes that so dominate their novels. I love just walking in the country, visiting little random villages with lovely little shops and chilling out in the evenings with a book. So, if that’s the sort of holiday your after and you don’t want to spend too much then this is one to think about.

Destination: Perthshire, Scotland = Not too far north but far enough away, situated in central Scotland.

Travel: You can either drive which is about 453 miles from London and approx 8 hours.

This is ok if you want to make a trip of it, maybe stopping in Leeds for shopping, Edinborough for the Castle and then to Perthshire. OR

Train – It takes roughly 6 and a half hours from London Victoria to Stirling costing between £60-80. OR

Fly – It takes roughly and hour and a half from Gatwick and costs between £60-£100.

Okay, now your there, places to stay:

Hotels – Ranges from £60 per night approx

Campsites – Ranges from as little as £15

Log cabins – Ranges from good value – £230 per week

Things to do:

And here’s some pictures to get you really excited for this season’s holidays in Scotland:

  Loch Tay

Loch TayLoch Tay
Hope you enjoyed this holiday idea, see you soon!
Next Holiday Idea is – France!
So, I have been looking into holidays in France and it is my belief that sometimes going with a smaller holiday company not only gives a personal service, but also a better one. While searching for holidays in France and keeping an eye out for small but quality villa companies I have found one called Dominique’s Villas.

This Villa company is run by a small and select team lead by, surprise surprise, a woman named Dominique and together they create a team of France experts and hand pick villas across France and get this – only ones with pools or really, really, really close to the beach!!!

Dominique's Villas in France

A Beautiful French Villa

The villas and chateaux on the website just look so luxurious like the one above and I’m sure would provide amazing holiday accommodation, so if you’re looking for a more upmarket holiday in France then Dominique’s Villas is the place to look. (Especially if you’re a large party as some of their accommodations are big enough for 15 people!)
Holidays in France

Holidays in France

p.s. I just wanted to add a suggestion for a Currency Exchange company 🙂 Hope it helps


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