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Rooibos Tea, Marylebone and Shopping!


When the whether gets cooler for some reason it is much more attractive to me to spend time in a city, (as attractive as it can be to a country bumpkin). Anyway, when going to new places I sort of need to know where a good cafe is before I go. This is because halfway through shopping one must have a caramel machiato before continuing…just kidding…it is good to know these things though, and the other day I found this great site which gave me just that information!

It’s a site for if you’re going to Marylebone and it sets out the shops, cafes and loads of other things on maps and you can search through it. Basically, it is like an almanac for planning a day out in Marylebone!

Marylebone Village

Marylebone Village

You can find it here: Marylebone Village. Have a little look around and after you do, come back and tell me how much you would love to have one of these site for almost everywhere you go?

I know that there are tourist information sites, and they are helpful to a certain extent but then you really want to know where to get a good mocha or better – Vanilla Rooibos Tea don’t you? (I may have one set before my computer screen, steaming away as I blog – what of it!?)

Vanilla Rooibos Tea - Marylebone

So, as the autumn days turn colder and you decide to don your boots and pop off to shop somewhere like Marylebone, Canterbury, Oxford or Chichester, remember that the former has a fabulous website to help you plan your day and the latter three I have added links to the best information sites I could find. So, go on a little reconnaissance trip to these towns and gather ‘present’ information for Christmas without the hassle of not knowing where any of the good shops are, or worse – the cafes!

Shopping in Marylebone


Lizzy x