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Autumn Holiday Pronto Please!

Hilarious - Blogging


I found this picture while cruising the web and typing in blog….It made me laugh SO much. I was giggling because sometimes I feel like this about my own blog. Sometimes it feels like I am barking on about nothing in-particular to no one in-particular.


Then I remember that actually there are lots of lovely people who do read my blog and maybe get a little bit of enjoyment from my rambling. I’m afraid that despite my feeling, akin to the above picture, I will have to carry on relentlessly because this is what I do, write, share and make bloggino friendios!

So, here’s the next blog, it’s going to be about….Holidays……No, not Christmas, I may have mentioned it in previous blogs but that is no reason to go on about Christmas when there are still plenty of days inbetween (how sad…I LOVE Christmas)! I am thinking more of half-term and quick getaways!

Now, I know you are thinking that I already have a travel section, and, have no fears, this blog (or at least the travelly bits) will go into the Travel Section to add onto what’s already there. But I wanted to share this idea with you –


There are many ways of taking a break. Whether you want to just have a day out somewhere like a National Trust House which have lots of autumnal activities. Or, you may want to get a little further away, say, Cornwall or Scotland, perhaps the last camping/caravan trip of the year?

Camping in Autumn in Scotland

Camping in Autumn in Scotland

Or, a lovely little cottage in Cornwall? Or, you even want to get away over the Ocean to somewhere near but a little warmer? How about France? There are plenty of Villa Company‘s which have stunning places to stay and half-term offers to boot!

Cornwall in Autumn

Cornwall in Autumn

I myself, seeing as I shall be saving for a rather skimpy Christmas, will be thinking of a National Trust outing as I am a member and simply love being surrounded by the history of such grand houses! But if I could, I don’t think I would mind lolling around a beautiful French Villa, sipping the beautiful Burgundy wines and tasting the French cuisine..Oh, No…I would NOT say no to that!

Dominique's Villas in France

Villas in France in Autumn