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Dr Conrad Murray V Michael Jackson


I was amazed to hear that Michael Jackson‘s personal physician, Dr Conrad Murray, is being called up to court to stand trial for involuntary manslaughter of Jackson.

Michael Jackson at his last Rehearsals

Michael Jackson at his last Rehearsals

Now I have to think about this. Obviously I haven’t really been following anything about Jackson since his death etc. He is a massive loss to the music and entertainment industry having proved himself as one of the biggest stars of our time, nicknamed ‘King of Pop’. But I can’t help but ask, if it were anyone else, jo bloggs, for example, would their be this kind of uproar against the doctors attending him?

I think Linda Deutsch put it brilliantly in the BBC news article ‘Dr Conrad Murray faces jury over Michael Jackson death’

“The fact that it is Michael Jackson puts an entirely different profile on this case… Michael Jackson was a fascinating man and he still fascinates even in death,” says Linda Deutsch, a special correspondent with the Associated Press, and a veteran reporter at high profile cases in California. -BBC

Dr Conrad Murray To Face Trial Over Jackson

Dr Conrad Murray To Face Trial Over Jackson

It’s true he was a fascinating person attracting both positive and negative attention from the media and others. I for one am a fan of Jackson and won’t comment on the things he was accused of when he was alive, only to say that there is ALWAYS two sides to a story.

Anyway, the trial is going to focus on the fact that Dr Conrad Murray tried to resuscitate Jackson while no one else was around and it’s questionable as to what happened in that time between Michael Jackson being found and being pronounced officially dead at the hospital.

The trial is estimated to last about five weeks which means five weeks of massive media coverage. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how it turns out. Once again Linda Deutsch had insightful comments —

“I think the Conrad Murray trial will be the trial of the year [but] it will not be

 the trial of the century,”  says Ms Deutsch – BBC

Of course it’s going to be huge, but is it necessary? I’ll let you guys decide but just think of this – They’ll be doing a lottery every morning to hand out the public seats in the court-room along with the whole thing being televised — I’ll leave you with that one…