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So, The Other Day When I Ripped Out My Shower Right…


New Shower PumpSo, unlike what you’re thinking, this is not, in point of fact, my shower….

Unfortunately being a bit of a hassle, I decided it was easier to get an image of the internet which would resemble the ripped out shower look.

The ideal bathroom seems to be a bit of a thing at the moment and to that end I decided a power shower would be the way forward. But the question is, how do you go about modernising a shower which is in itself a modern convenience in an otherwise ancient country cottage?

Well, the first thing to do was obviously to take a massive hammer and smash the tiles on the wall to take out the shower…which was very fun 🙂 Anyway, I had actually researched a little and been on quite a few shower pump Web sites. After trawling for a while I kept seeing the name Stuart Turner popping up in so many Pump Stockist Web sites.

So, why get stuck with the dregs when you can go to the bountiful source (yes that’s a water pun….). I found an abundance of shower pumps, the ability to get a guarantee easily, installation advice and pretty much the whole kit and kaboodle…..I said – ‘Yes, Please!!’

So, my shower is now pounding on my back wonderfully…well not while writing this….Obviously…. but I would recommend Stuart Turner Pumps to one and all – click on shower pumps to find them…meanwhile, I’ll be showering…