Hey Guys!


So I totally did not realise I hadn’t filled this page in! How terrible!

Well my name is Lizzy Bradbury – I don’t do photos hence one not being up but I will put up an animal which I feel describes me!

Lizzy Bradbury


Yes…you did just see that picture! I like doing lots of things, including: D.I.Y, learning about history, going into the countryside to enjoy the beauty! I even like crafts and arts etc and I like writing…hence this blog.

From this blog I hope you just get some entertainment! I think blogging is about bringing a smile to someone’s face or telling them an interesting but slightly useless fact or even showing them how to do something they wouldn’t usually be able to do themselves. Plus, I have plans to infiltrate the blogging community (no, not like a spy) but just to network, meet new people and get to know others with a passion for blogging and things I also like 🙂

So, I hope you enjoy my ramblings and please feel free to drop comments in to chat or let me know about your blog or someone else’s which you recommend! Look forward to seeing you around!


Lizzy Bradbury x


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