Winchester – A day out in Boutique’s, Castles & Restaurants


If you know anything about Winchester you will know that it was once the capitol of England, the main city under Alfred the Great, has one of the largest Cathedrals in Europe and is home to the famous public school Winchester College.

King Alfred the Great - Winchester - Lizzy Bradbury

King Alfred the Great - Winchester

Thanks so a serious fire in 1141 which destroyed much of the city, the bell tower in the City rang out the curfew at 8 o’clock every evening to signal it was time to extinguish all home fires until morning. This is a practise still alive today so if you decide to spend the day and then the evening in Winchester you may well hear it while eating in one of the many Al Fresco restaurants in the city.

Al Fresco Dining - Winchester - Lizzy Bradbury

Al Fresco Dining - Winchester

Winchester was also home to various famous literary names including Jane Austen who died in Winchester in 1817 and is buried in the Cathedral:

Jane Austen Lived, Died & is Buried in Winchester - Lizzy Bradbury

Jane Austen Lived, Died & is Buried in Winchester

Romantic poet, John Keats, stayed in Winchester during early autumn in 1819:

John Keats Stayed in Winchester - Lizzy Bradbury

John Keats Stayed in Winchester

A last historical fact (before I get onto the subjects which will interest non-history-buffs), the Cathedral which I have already mentioned to be one of the largest in Europe actually almost sank 100 years ago! It only survives upright today because of the ingenuity of two Edwardian engineers who saved it from the bog below!

Winchester Cathedral Nearly Sank - Lizzy Bradbury

Winchester Cathedral Nearly Sank

Now for you non-history lovers there is a High Street full of shops:

Winchester Shopping - Lizzy Bradbury

Winchester Shopping

There are also some beautiful river-side walks:

River Walks Winchester - Lizzy Bradbury

River Walks Winchester

And always some weird and wacky street performers hanging out:

Winchester Street Performers - Lizzy Bradbury

Winchester Street Performers

The Hat Fair - Winchester - Lizzy Bradbury

The Hat Fair - Winchester

So, all in all this is definitely an interesting day out!


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