Versatile Blogger Award!


Many thanks to Sarah. M. Lawton (of Journal of an Adventurous Mother) and Xander J Turian for awarding me with my very FIRST Versatile Blogger award on the 10th & 12th of March! I feel very honoured to be nominated and very much appreciate their readership and support!

About the Versatile Blogger’s Award

The Versatile Blogger’s Award is a way bloggers can support each other and recognize versatile, interesting and helpful blogs. There are a few rules to follow when you accept the award.

  • Thank the person who nominates you and link back to them in your posts.
  • Share seven things about yourself.
  • Pass the award on to fifteen more bloggers that you enjoy.
  • Contact the people you have nominated.

7 more things about me

  1. I love England
  2. I am definitely a Royalist
  3. I enjoy home decorating
  4. I love being outside in the countryside in any weather
  5. I think dogs are FAR better than cats
  6. I HATE spiders
  7. I am an avid coffee drinker

My 15 nominations
I would like to nominate the following 15 blogs for the Versatile Blogger Award:

  1. Ridiculousauthor
  2. Modern Country Style
  3. Happy Homemaker UK
  4. Xandre Verkes
  5. Part of my World
  6. Bucket List Journey
  7. PhotoBotos
  8. Zelmare
  9. Tales from cuckoo land
  10. Pinecones and acorns
  11. Once Upon A Chocolate
  12. Marketing Comms
  13. Country Days
  14. Crumpets In Camelot
  15. Emerald Cove

Thanks to you all for providing such great reading material!


8 responses »

  1. Thank you so much, my lovely!!

    What a great list of facts about you….my mum is scared of spiders. I can still remember her shrieks when she found one in the house!! I used to get rid of them for her!


  2. Hi Lizzy! Thank you so much!!! Oh my gosh I hate spiders too!! I call anyone in the house to come get them when I see them! they creep me out! Your blog is wonderful!

  3. I think our likes match up quite nicely! I was definitely more of a dog lover, than a cat lover. But now that we have a kitten, I am crazy for both. Thank you SO much for the award and recognition – I really appreciate it! Congratulations on your award as well – very much deserved 🙂

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