Tower Of London – Ideas For Days Out Spring/Summer 2012


Hello everyone!

So, I was reading a lovely blog I follow called Part of My World, you should all check it out when you get a chance. Anyway, I read about how the writer had visited the Tower of London, a place I went as a child and have been discussing with my husband on when to take him as he’s never been! So, I thought ‘ PRIME‘ I can do a ‘things to so spring/summer 2012’ blog on ….

The Tower Of London

The Tower of London

The Tower of London

 Originally started by William the Conqueror, who built the recognisable White Tower in 1078, this castle has been the home of monarchs, the prison of traitors, the resting place of the crown jewels and the house of the Royal Mint!

The Tower of London

The Tower of London

Below is a picture of the infamous Traitor’s gate through which prisoners would travel – Just before they would be passing under the London Bridge where heads of recently executed prisoners would be displayed – EEEK!

Traitor's Gate - The Tower of London

Traitor's Gate - The Tower of London

Such famous people entered here including: Queen Anne Boleyn, Sir Thomas More & Queen Catherine Howard.

Tower of London

Tower of London

I love that it’s such an historic site and it’s right in the middle of modern London – so funny!

So much history has passed within the walls of the Tower of London, it is both an infamous place and the home of the Crown Jewels providing literally an amazing day out!

It’s a little pricey but then anywhere in London is and if you can walk where Queen Elizabeth I herself walked and was imprisoned, if you can walk past where the two Princes were supposedly killed and hidden in a wall cavity or admire the splendour of the crown jewels then I exhort you to go! (I do make it sound a little grotesque don’t I? Sorry, I just love history!)

Crown Jewels - Tower of London

Crown Jewels - Tower of London

 What do you think for a day out? Good? Have you been before?


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  1. The crown jewels were definitely amazing! It was eery being in the tower of London especially with all the history. The stories of Queen Anne Boleyn and Queen Katherine Howard still interest me to this day. I hope that you and your husband enjoy your time there! I look forward to reading your post about it 🙂

  2. What a great idea!!! I haven’t been in Tower of London either (despite visiting London 3 times already…) 😦 I’ll be sure to follow your trip…. because I’m not missing it again!!! 🙂 **

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