The New 2011 Jane Eyre Film – An Amateur Critique


When flying recently I got the chance to watch the new Jane Eyre Film…..Which naturally I LEAPT at!

Leading lady Mia Wasikowska played Jane Eyre:

Jane Eyre 2011

Jane Eyre

While playing opposite her as Edward Fairfax Rochester was Michael Fassbender:

Jane Eyre 2011

Edward Fairfax Rochester

And for good measure no one can say no to Dame Judi Dench as Mrs. Fairfax the Housekeeper:

Jane Eyre 2011

Mrs. Fairfax the Housekeeper

I was suitably impressed by Thornfield Hall:

Jane Eyre 2011

Thornfield Hall

And I enjoyed the word sparring and ominous conversations betwixt Rochester and Jane Eyre:

Jane Eyre 2011

Jane Eyre and Rochester

And of course there ultimate love which covers rough ground, a maniacal wife and a house fire:

Jane Eyre 2011

Jane Eyre and Rochester

However, I have to say that I could not quite believe their passion, despite the above picture, and I still think that no one can outdo Toby Stephens as Rochester and the general brilliance of the BBC adaptation:

Jane Eyre BBC

Jane Eyre - The BBC Version

Jane Eyre BBC

My Favourite and Most Dashing Mr. Rochester

For me Jane Eyre is all about the passion which the film, although good and deserving of a watch, somehow lacked – Though I thought the northern accents were a nice touch – What are your thoughts?









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