Hippy-Happy New Year!


Hello One and All,

It’s most fantastical to be blogging once again, I have missed this little private space of mine…well not so private….But nevertheless to be writing again feels good.

Now a word on New Year’s Resolutions — I like them – I know, shoot me if you wish too, I would understand….Though it’s not exactly that I directly like New Year’s Resolutions but I like rather the excuse it gives you to make a change to your life and hopefully for the better.

So, you may decide on one which you know outright in your heart you’ll never keep, like quitting chocolate for the next six months or scrapping that comfy threadbare jumper which you can only wear in the house. Yes, in that case getting annoyed with New Year’s Resolutions is understandable because you know you’ll never keep it. However, if you make one like, I want to see my friends more, I want to save for that holiday I’ve always wanted, I want to learn a new craft or I want to have a cheat day once a week so that when I go on this next diet I’ll actually stick to it, you might do just that!

New Years Resolutions - ChocolateIn my head those are resolutions which you have a shot of keeping and they are great ones which you will actually want to keep because they make you enjoy yourself even more, whether it’s enjoying your friend’s companionship, you’re relaxing holiday or being comfy in that two piece while your sun-bathing. So now you can keep that thread bare jumper for your relaxing time, on that special cheat day when you can have some chocolate and don’t have to feel guilty about it.

New Year's Resolutions - Wolly Jumper

Why not choose to use New Year’s Resolutions as an excuse to make a decision that you’ve been wanting to make and that this New Year with it’s fresh set of diary pages and seasons yet to come, makes possible.

And you know what? If you don’t manage to keep it, as long as it’s not harmed anyone, does it really matter? After all, doesn’t that mean you were too busy enjoying yourself doing other things which prevented you from keeping that other thing? Well, that’s at least how I see it; an excuse to do something good with the year you’ve got and sometimes breaking the rules can be just as fun as making them 🙂

I hope this has inspired or helped you as you’ve read, and that it gives you a good ol’ run way from which to take of into the New Year without feeling pressurized but instead feeling excited. Now for a bit of humour to keep you giggling in 2012:

I was chatting to a friend the other day:

“Oh, so you went to that beauticians the other day, how was the massage?”

“Good, although, it wasn’t necessarily as relaxing as I wanted it to be.”

“Why was that?” I asked (most caringly).

“Well, the massage part was really good but then I popped to the ladies. Obviously I flushed the loo and then went about washing my hands.”

“Yes,” I ask tentatively, slightly worried about the track of this conversation.

“Well then I heard this noise and it made me jump nearly out of my skin.”

“What was it?” I ask, now starting to smile at her shocked expression.

“Well I thought it was a hand drier but there wasn’t one there and it was coming from the toilet.”

“Oh, how odd.”

“Yes, it really made me jump.”

“I can see that…” Now trying to stifle my giggling, “And was this toilet downstairs by any chances?”

“Well…Yes…But how did you know? Have you been there before?”

“No, but it’s called a macerator, dear.” Now laughing hysterically as her face turns white.

“Oh, my goodness! What is that? Could it have hurt me?”

I’ll just leave that one with you, and if you’re curious as to why I laughed so much and still don’t know what macerators are, click either of the links – hehehe – Must go, still giggling!

Happy New Year To All!

(I hold no rights over the above images and give full credit to respective photographers and websites)


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    • I know right! I had a cheat day (a.k.a break from my New Years diet) on Saturday and demolished more than my fair share of a Cadbury’s chocolate bar – I don’t think the husband’s happy!!

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