Colds, Tissues, Blankets and Table Decorations…..


Hello One & All!

I’m so sorry that it seems like a long time since I’ve been sat here to blog but I’m afraid I’ve been suffering from colds and naseau and generally under-the-weatherness and have only just been able to say I am feeling about 95% again!

I have been surviving on these:

Tissues - Lizzy Bradbury Blog


While wrapped in these:

Snuggly Blankets - Lizzy Bradbury BlogAnd while I was feeling rather coldy I was staring in an admiring way at something that had arrived at my house a few days before and still sits in it’s protective packaging for fear that it will become sullied if I release it into the jungle which is my house.

This thing I was looking at is linen, a beautiful natural beige colour with lovely crimson pattern hearts….If any of you have read my previous post on something I won from the fantastic blog Modern Country Style, you’ll be knowing exactly what I’m talking about.

That’s Right.

You’ve Got It.

Table Cloth - Lizzy Bradbury Blog

It’s that scrumptious, fabulous, pretty and most autumnal Tablecloth which I won from New House Textiles at the Modern Country Style Blog and it looks a little something like this:

Table Cloth - Lizzy Bradbury BlogThank you to those at New House Textiles for the Table Cloth and lovely note which accompanied it and thank you Sarah at Modern Country Style for hosting the competition!

So, what shall I do today? Perhaps look out some table decorations and designs for my new autumnal/Christmas table cloth?



I think so.


Lizzy x

p.s. If you want some interesting readings I suggest:

Guy Fawkes Night by Happy Homemaker UK – For History

Operation Beautiful by Pine Cones and Acorns – For A Boost


GIVEAWAY ALERT! by tales from cuckoo land – For A Competition


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  1. I hope that you are feeling better. It seems to early in the season for a cold doesn’t it? But with all of the crazy weather all over it is not too much of a stretch.

    Thank you my dear for mentioning my post on operation beautiful. I think it is such a great idea. All it takes is a kind word from someone to make your day great.

    Take care and be well, elizabeth

    • I know, that’s what I thought, and it’s really warm where I am so I have no idea what this cold is about!

      You’re welcome, I thought it was great and just wanted to share :-). Thanks for the comment Elizabeth.

      Lizzy x

  2. Oh no – have some virtual chicken soup from me!!!

    I am so glad the table cloth came! Hooray!! And I’m glad it was you that won. 😉

    We are officially twins now!! I have mine on my table right now. And I love it absolutely loooooads!


    • Oh, thank you! And I’m very pleased with the table cloth though I still haven’t used it – Waiting for a special occasion – Perhaps Christmas!

      Really enjoyed your blog on the reed islands!

      Lizzy x

      • Great! If you use it during Christmas, you should take a photo and put it on your blog 🙂 It’s a perfect occasion to use such a pretty table cloth.

    • Oh, that’s not my table but thanks! If only I could work out how to upload photos….and if only my table really DID look like that!!!

      Your welcome, really enjoying reading your blog.

      Lizzy x

  3. Hi Lizzy,

    We hope you’re feeling MUCH better.

    That photo of the tablecloth looks lovely, doesn’t it. It’s amazing how even a few simple tealights can make everything look gorgeous!

    The Relics Team x

    • Thanks for dropping by Relics Team. I shall of course endeavour to get my OWN photo up here! I’m feeling quite coldyfied again but grabbing lots of tissues and eating oranges to try and counteract it!

      Lizzy x

    • Unfortunately the cold is back in almost full-force! I am currently nursing it with tissues and satsumas and unfortunately it has made me, along with being quite busy, unable to write blogs. But thank you so much for noticing, it really makes me feel good about the old blog! In fact, you have inspired me a little and I may have to write one today…..but what about?……

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