Petworth House


Now, I don’t know about you but I get very passionate about things and recently I have been wanting to write ALOT but unfortunately am suffering from writer’s block (ironic as I can outpour it here by writing on my blog – haha). So, anyway, I tend to think of things to do for lovely days out to keep myself busy instead and I just want to tell you all about Petworth House as it is stunning and I need to share it!

Petworth House

I went there earlier in the year, right when all the flowers were out and the gardens were basking in the sun, resplendent in their beauty, (ah, the writings coming back you see :-). It really is a treasure to go and see and if, like me, you are a member of the National Trust, it’s free to go in and spend all day in the house and grounds. If not, it’s well worth it – that I can tell you!

The house contains the largest collection of paintings in the National Trust‘s many houses, including an original of Anne Boleyn. So, if paintings are your thing, you can spend literally hours in the house, gazing at the portaits and landsapes including some by Gainsborough, and reading about the paintings.

Anne Boleyn - Petworth House

However, as much as I like paintings and history I can only look at so many before I find myself not bored but lacking interest. So, that’s when Petworth can offer you either the servants quarters to look through, a beautiful little Cafe, a second hand unmanned bookstore in the middle of the corridor, or, even better, rural grounds landscaped by Capability Brown himself.

Petworth House

They even have a ‘ha-ha‘ which is a ditch around the formal grounds separating them from the rural outlook of Petworth House and the idea of this was to make sure the deer and wildlife couldn’t come into the formal gardens but the ditch was hidden so to the unsuspecting eye it gave a look of unbroken landscape running on one from the other – INGENIUS!

Petworth House

So if your bored, go and get cultured and visit Petworth House in West Sussex!

Until next time,

Lizzy x

p.s. They also have a whole entire herd of deer running around free in the grounds!


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  1. Can you imagine living in a place like that? Unbelievable!

    I wanted to reply to your message over at mine on my depression post but I couldn’t email you back as your email address wasn’t attached to the comment. So here is my reply:

    “Thank you Lizzy, I’ve had an unbelievable response from that post. All the well wishing has worked some magic and I am feeling so much more positive.

    Thank you for taking time to leave me a message, they have all helped.”


    • I know! Though just double check my facts about that, but I’m sure that’s what they said when I was there! Love the fact you have a list that long – do you ever make a reasonable dent in it? L x

  2. I think I read National Trust is the third largest landowner in the country. Considering the access you have through NT, the annual dues are a real bargain. As I tried to explain to my visiting parents, one literally could never see it all. I’ve finally had to surrender to that thought 🙂 Thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club! It is great to have you there 😉 XOLaura

    • Oh, how upsetting, in my head I still expect to visit them all but that is probably a ridiculous idea! I agree the membership is really decent – especially if you’re under 25 and considering how much it costs just to see one historic building without the membership! Thanks for allowing me to join the club! L x

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