I Won a BEAUTIFUL Table Cloth!


Brilliant news one and all, and news which really did shock me quite a bit! I follow a blog called Modern Country Style, which is great and I get loads of ideas and fun from. About a week or so ago, there was a post on table cloths and it showed a beautiful linen table cloth made from linen mix in a neutral colour and with gorgeous red hearts printed around the hem which was a repeat of a larger heart pattern down the centre of the table cloth…Seriously….you need to see it….It’s fantastic….

Sweetheart Table Cloth - Natural

Sweetheart Table Cloth - Natural

Well anyway, then there was a post a few days later saying that we could win one of the table cloths, donated by New House Textiles,  if we just commented saying how we subscribe to Modern Country Style (which of course I do because it’s fantastic). So, without really considering I might win I commented saying I subscribed by email and lo and behold, I WON!

New House Textiles - The Table Cloth Donators

New House Textiles - The Table Cloth Donators

It was such a shock and as I said to Sarah (the blogger behind Modern Country Style) I’ve barely ever won any type of competition and I loved the table cloth but would never have been able to get it for myself, so as you can imagine, it was such a lovely surprise!

Modern Country Style Blog

Modern Country Style Blog


Now I just have to wait for the lovely thing to arrive and then I shall be spreading my table with it 🙂 wonderful!


Lizzy x

P.S. If you haven’t yet, check out my Travel section and the latest holiday in Scotland which is recommended!

(None of the above images are my own and I claim no right to them)


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