Writing in Autumn (Things to Do)


Hello one and all!

It’s great to have you back and running an eye over this blog again. This time I just thought I would write something about writing; writing in autumn to be precise.

I think writing is a great thing, and just think, if you write blogs then you are already a writer. As the days get colder, we are less and less inclined to stay out and find it far more lovely to grab a blanket from behind the sofa and sit snuggling in the window seat to watch the changing landscape outside. I found the below image from a great Web site called nookenvy – Take one look and I’m sure you’ll feel the envy the title brags about – I definitely did!

Windowseat for Autumn - Writing in Autumn

Windowseat for Autumn

Autumn is the perfect time, before you really have to think and plan Christmas, to write a little more. I’m going to spend this morning writing blogs so that I can use the inspiration I have at the moment as well as the time to prepare for the busy winter ahead. It may even be a time for some people to think about that novel you’ve forgotten over a busy summer and eventually trying to get it published whether it’s a fictional publisher you need, a non-fiction publisher or a children’s book publisher.

Writing in Autumn

Writing in Autumn

Maybe, you need to get you plot-line firmly down, or you need to start sketching out that character which is so elusive you almost can’t fully imagine them.

Or, if you’re a totally bona fide blogger, perhaps it’s a time to sit in that window seat and think about the winter series you’re planning to write. A time to brain-storm innovative craft ideas or exciting discovered recipes or even the latest product out on the market which you blog about. Whatever it is, autumn is a great time in which you are trapped inside and there’s only so much housework or DIY jobs you have to do before you are left at a bit of a loose-end. So, get writing!

Writing in Autumn

Writing in Autumn

I’ve added some helpful sites on the bottom of here to get you guys started:

Writing in Autumn

Writing in Autumn

Creative Writing Courses

Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook  (Contains listed publishers, agents and essential advice)

Blogging Tips (Had a quick look at this site and it’s sort of a jumble sale you’ll need to root through!)

And, finally, if you have any questions, whether it be writing related or other, let me know by commenting.

Now, get to it!

Lizzy x


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  1. Hello!

    Thank you for coming over to Pine Cones to visit. As you can see by my blog I love books! And I love baking. Although I have not narrowed my blog down to just that it is really my passion.

    I could not agree with you more, this is the perfect time to write, plan posts and enjoy the fabulous Fall weather.

    I hope you have a fabulous day!


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