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Hey guys!

So, because I have so many things I want to talk about that are on some really different topics I’ve decided to make full use of the pages function on my blog. I think this is an easier way for me to pop up bits of information which I think people might like to read, might help people etc. Like, I’ve made a baking page – EXCITING.

On the baking page you can expect to find some recipes which I’ve come across and think are really tastey etc. Hopefully I’ll pop up a few and change them around a bit so you can see recipes for specific seasons etc. If you have any ideas then feel free to come by and pop me a message and I can put up the recipe which you’re dying to share!

Then there’s a travel page. Now I’m all for getting away on holiday and taking time for yourself! This is why I have created this page, this way I can pop up either camping destinations in the UK, lovely holidays abroad or anything in between really. This hopefully will be helpful to people who want some holiday ideas or who know of anywhere they think would be good to put on that page 🙂

So, it’ll be a bit of me and a bit of all you lovlies to combine to create a pool of interesting and helpful tid-bits for reading and using – I hope this sounds good.

Also, I’m offering an open invitation for anyone who would like to come and guestblog on this blog to get into contact with me through commenting. I would love to host someone’s post (Ooo, I rhymed!). I’m thinking, as we’re getting into the colder seasons maybe something apt for the time of year? Anyway, let me know any suggestions you may have and I’d love to take a look!

In the meantime, I found a picture I thought everyone would appreciate, and as this is a bit of unusual updatey blog I thought I’d end on something nice –

Country Cottage

Country Cottage

I just couldn’t resist putting up this picture of an idyllic country cottage in autumn – Enjoy – I shall just be jealous from where I sit here…


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  1. Hello,

    I am now your newest follower. I too like baking, and travel and I love the British Countryside. Thank you for visiting my blog, Once Upon a Chocolate Life. I think I have fixed the follower problem, so if you go back there and hit the join button, you should be able to follow my blog.

    If you have a problem please let me know, sometimes Blogger is not too friendly to me.


    P.S. I have another blog, Pine Cones and Acorns…I would love for you to guest post and if you see something or have an idea I would love to gurst post for you. I am new to blogging so I am not sure what or how to go about that. Perhaps you can tell me.

    • Hi Elizabeth!

      Thanks for coming over, I popped back to your blog again but where is the ‘join’ button? – I am probably being silly but I couldn’t find it. Right at the bottom I found a subscribe button but when I clicked it it opened a page full of random writing!

      Though when I was over your way I cast an eye over your blog about your husband and it was sooo lovely! I especially loved the ‘and if I looked like this’ with the picture of the lady with crazy hair!

      I’d love to do a guest post, thank you so much for asking! And I’m not a totally mature blogger either, perhaps if we each thought of a title for each other and then we could both write a blog for the title and show it to one another to make sure we both want to post it? I would be really honoured if you would do one of those great recipes for my blog – They all look so yummy!

      My email is

      Hopefully speak again soon!

      Lizzy x

  2. What a great idea 😉 So I have a question about camping. In the US, we just went into the forest and put up a tent on public land. We would be miles away from anyone and from facilities. Here they seem to only have designated campsites next to many other campers – where can we go camping away from everyone? Thank you for any ideas 🙂
    (you can email me at

    • Hi Laura,

      I know exactly what you mean about crowded campsites – I think it sort of defeats the object of camping in the middle of the countryside if everyone else has turned up too!

      I think the best suggestion I would have is to find the smaller campsites, especially those on farms in the middle of nowhere and campsites with no factilities. If there are no facilities and there’s not much but a village post office in the local area then it’s less attractive for the hordes and you can be more sure of a camping trip without loads of people.

      Brocklands Farm, West Meon, Hampshire – This is the sort of place you want to look for. The less description and the lack of a Web site is unattractive to most people but probably means there won’t be a lot of campers there. However, the down side of this is that you are taking a bit of a gamble, after all, you can’t see any pictures of the campsite because they don’t have a website and there won’t be loads to do (but if you’re like me than just rambling through the countryside is your idea of heaven!)

      This site Is also a great one to check out. I’ve specifically chosen the Hampshire area as this is where I went camping on a trip that sounds a lot like what you’re describing.

      I hope this helps Laura!

      Lizzy x

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