Autumn – Countryside, Clothing, Nature and the Excitement of Winter


So, I have been thinking about autumn a bit, if I said a lot I would be lying. Though, it is quite hard to think about autumn a lot when the British weather is so easily tricking us into believing it is still summer – or rather, the summer which we never had!

There are several things I love about autumn, firstly the colours. It may sound odd, or you may completely understand what I mean. Let me put it this way, I have brownish green eyes and muddy coloured hair, so, naturally, I am drawn to those kind of dark autumnal colours and so when that particular season eventually does decide to roll around, I find myself loving the colours of the leaves changing.

Autumn Leaves Turning

Autumn Leaves Turning

There are always so many different shades of flame-like orange, blood-red crimson and indecisive browns. They are, I guess, the colours of warmth and fire and as such, only serve to remind us of snuggly log fires which make your clothes smell delightfully olden-times-ish.

Cosy Log Fire

Cosy Log Fire

As the weather turns colder, you get to see the first frost in the early morning. It looks like a pixy has come around with a large frosting gun in the night and shot at everything, even the deserted spider webs. Best of all is those glorious sunsets. It’s almost like the sky got lazy over the summer because everything else looked pretty in bloom and now it’s autumn turning to winter it decides to spurt out all of it’s colours and put the rest of the hibernating landscape to shame!

Frosty Morning

Frosty Morning

However, at the moment I have only just traded by flip-flops for converse this morning, meaning that we obviously have a long way to go….

Old Converse

Old Converse

Still, when that season comes I will enjoy it as I always do, beginning to think of the excitement and food of Christmas, the long woolly socks I will purchase to wear with my leather country boots on cold walks, and the creative inspiration I will get from the beauty of the nature surrounding me… I hope you can capture a little of my excitement about this season and that the links in this post will help you on your way to enjoying a great autumnal season – Thanks for reading and see you next time!

p.s. Things to do in autumn:

Try some Autumn Recipes

Starting an Autumn Scrapbook

Making a Fall Wreath

And enjoy yourself!


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  1. Hey Lizzy,

    I LOVE your images. That roaring fire is making me long for slightly colder weather so we can light ours.

    I really like the smell of smoky fires too. It’s such a sign of autumn, isn’t it?

    Thank you so much for linking up to to Modern Country Style’s Fall In Love link party.


    • Smoke from wood-burners and open fires is one of the best signs of autumn 🙂 I just wish I had a garden so I could have a bonfire, oh well – next year!

      Thank you for coming over and reading and thank you for the link party – Such a great idea!

      See you soon Sarah!


    • You too! Thank you so much for popping over from the link party – So exciting as it’s my first one! I really enjoy reading Sarah’s blog 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the post and I’ll be sure to pop by your blog shortly! Lizzy x

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