Tanya Jessop, EastEnders & Cervical Cancer


Tanya Jessop, Cervical Cancer, Jo's Cervical CancerIt’s great to see a soap opera making a real effort to highlight a disease which has previously been brushed under the rug to some extent. As I said in my previous blog about Downton Abbey Series 2, Eastenders have started a new storyline for one of their main characters Tanya Jessop:

A pretty average woman, who once buried her ex-husband alive, as you do, goes for her routine smear test. Despite her rather exciting past she is actually a much loved character on the programme! Anyway, she gets the results from the smear test and there is abnormal cells found and, after further testing, she finds out she has Cervical Cancer.

Tanya Jessop, Cervical Cancer, Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

Now, I’m not exactly a fan of soap operas, in fact, if truth be told, I won’t touch them with a ten foot barge pole.


I have to say, this time, I take my hat off to the EastEnders show. After all, how many shows actually take the time to highlight a disease which needs exposure, check out the facts with a registered charity and create a storyline which has happened in real life to real women?

Tanya Jessop, Cervical Cancer, Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

NOT many. This is really a breath of fresh air in the soap industry. Just reading about the show and this story-line actually has me wanting to watch it a little to see what happens. The Cervical Cancer Charity responsible for this background info is the only one of it’s kind in the UK and it’s good to see it getting this exposure.

On top of this, Jo’s got given £10,000! I don’t think many charities would say no to that! But the actress Jo Joyner who plays Tanya Jessop was on Celebrity Family Fortunes with the fam and won ten grand donating it to Jo’s Trust – How good is that?!

Tanya Jessop, Cervical Cancer, Jo's Trust Cervical Cancer

I guess the reason I think this is worth blogging about is the fact that things like this gives you hope in the world…


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  1. I know just what you mean about wanting to blog about things like this. Topics that celebrate the good in humanity just make my heart sing!!

    That’s so lovely that she donated all that money to Jo;s Trust. What a lovely woman.


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