Autumn Stumbles In – Country Clothing is Essential


Below is a picture of classic British weather…This is something we’re all familiar with and which none of us like! But I have recently found out the key for the weather. That key is the wearing of proper clothing.

British Weather - Country Clothing

I once heard such a great quote –

“There is no such thing as inclement weather — Just improper clothing”

I think this is so true. I love the British Countryside and all that it entails but it has the uncanny habit of getting itself drenched regularly! With this in mind, I decided to research a little into country clothing, both for myself and for those of you blog readers out there who are interested in quality Countrywear.

So, let’s start with the head – I’m wondering what your thinking – Maybe a flat-cap for a man and a stylish waxed hat for a lady? Here are some examples –

Flat-Cap - Country ClothingWaxed Hat - Country ClothingWaxed Trapper Hat - Country Clothing

Of course the flat cap is more of a style thing, but the waxed, wide-brimmed hat is great for when it’s bucketing it down with rain. The rain simply runs off the front and back of the rim keeping your face and neck dry. Finally, the fur trapper hat is great for winter when it’s freezing cold. It keeps your ears warm, which for those of us who’ve worked outside in the winter will know is one of the body’s extremities it’s particularly hard to keep warm!

Secondly, and importantly, we’ll do coats. So, it’s not just enough to have some random rain-mac which is about a hundred years old but you found it at the bottom of your under-stairs cupboard and, ‘it’ll do’. No, if you want to take on the elements that Britain will throw at you, you need a proper Country Coat.

Now, you can go with the classic waxed jacket from Barbour, or for the technical tweeds or even for a three-in-1 coat which will serve you as a heavy weight winter coat, a lightweight rain jacket and as a fleece. Here are some examples of the coats you’ll want to go for –

3-in-1 Jacket - Country ClothingBarbour Waxed Jacket - Country Clothing

Tweed Jacket - Country ClothingThirdly, and finally, my favourite, feet. Now I absolutely love country footwear. I love big old leather boots that you can have for years and the more you bash them around the better they look! And wellies! Don’t get me started on wellies! I think they are such a fabulous creation. Though I have to say I do draw the line at the psycadelic wellingtons you can get now. I’m much more an old fashioned, greens and browns girl. Plus, the great makers of wellingtons don’t usually make the ridiculous looking wellies that you see on the high street and think a few minutes later – ‘they’ll have a hole in soon!’.

So, wellies to promote — Well Hunters are the obvious choice but I am an Aigle fan currently thanks to the fantastic pair of Aigle wellies I wear which have a neoprene lining to keep me warm in deep winter. Le Chameau are also a good make and for the cheaper wellies when you just need a pair, Dunlop are alright. Here are some examples –

Dunlop Wellies - Country ClothingHunter Wellies - Country Clothing

Le Chameau Wellies - Country ClothingAigle Wellies - Country Clothing

I hope that you, my blog readers, find this post helpful as, when I worked outside, no one told me what was quality and what was not. I think it is essential to understand what is good and what is not good country clothing, how much is too much to spend but how much you have to spend to get something decent that’ll last. With this in mind, my category for country blogs is aimed at those working or enjoying the countryside who need tips and help with all things country-esque!

Happy reading and please ask any questions you need to!


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    • I know! It’s just like England to do this, go from bad weather to great weather in the blink of an eye. Sometimes the weather seems like a temperamental child blowing hot or cold just like that! I am tucking the wellies at the back of the cupboard in a vain attempt to ensure the weather stays like this!!! I’ve heard about the snow for October – How strange!!!

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