Okay, so it may seem a little arrogant to write a blog post about myself, but then again, isn’t it the perfect way to introduce myself and the Lizzy Bradbury blog which I’m hoping to write?

My name is Elizabeth Bradbury. I am a self-employed writer, though you must not judge my writing on this page as I am relaxed in this space!

I enjoy loads of different things. I love travelling, I have been to America, France, Greek Islands, Malta and Portugal to name a few. I am a D.I.Y. enthusiast and love to chop and change around my house. I’m always glancing at the home magazines on the supermarket shelves when I should be buying vegetables!

I am interested in charity work and do believe that everyone should give something back. After all, if you don’t then you’re just looking out for yourself which is not the way the human race has gotten this far in my opinion.

So, yeah, pretty much that is Lizzy Bradbury. I’m hoping this blog is somewhere to vent the old opinions, to write about things in life in general and to blog on things that are currently happening in the world.

So stay tuned….

Stay Tuned To Lizzy Bradbury's Blog


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